Sunday, February 9, 2014


My brain's doing some wonky things and refusing to cooperate with a lot of aspects of my life right now and creativity and art in general is one of them.  I want to keep doing these sketch-a-days because, well, they're a sketch every day. So, I'm asking if you can throw out ideas that you might want to see me sketch. Nothing too spectacular, of course.  No Chuck Norris battling Jormundgandr while riding a battle toad across the River Styx while holding a scimitar. Heck, you can even go back through some of the old posts and ask for a different version, or something related to it.

When I work it up, you'll get full credit for the idea that started it. So, anyway, help me jump start my brain and throw some ideas at me.

So please, please, please throw a bunch of requests at me so I can get this bogged down hunk of junk rolling again. kaythanksbye.