Monday, June 23, 2014

Baldur, Honorary Guardsman to Father Tree

Baldur was born with a form of dwarfism that stunted the growth of his legs. He existed on the outskirts of the tribe, not given a role and having to forage for himself.

It wasn't until he saved a young group of children who had wandered too far into the grasslands, that the tribe finally noticed the stoic Baldur. He lost an arm and nearly lost his life fighting off a Slink Tiger in that act of selfless bravery. After that, they gave him the role of Honorary Guardsman to the Father Tree. 

Baldur took this role with great pride and showed a keen eye in spotting any predators or storms that might threaten the tribe. Later on in his life, he even refused to retire in luxury as an elder, preferring to keep his hair band and staff and stand guard until his legs finally failed him.

Many songs are sung of Baldur and he is a source of inspiration when it comes to teaching young ones about overcoming the greatest odds in life.