Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another character sketch, Hero

Here's another character sketch. Hero is his name. I like and don't like it at the same time. It's outside my comfort zone as it's a superhero. This whole project is "superhero" which is something I've never done before.

But here he is, with all his faults (in my eyes).

Nick M.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A sketch I found from Harijan

It's fun, the stuff you find when you're cleaning out you're office and sketchpads and things of that sort. Here is a concept sketch I had drawn of the "Girl With No Name" fron Harijan. She's also come to be known as the Barcode Girl.

I still haven't figured out a name for her yet.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Angst, another character sketch

Here's another character sketch for a brilliant writer's project that I'm working on. The character is Angst. He thinks he's the greatest detective in the world.... but he's really not.

Did I mention that the writer is brilliant. (and it's not me.)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Character sketch for Glamazon

Here's a sketch I threw down for a character called Glamazon. Only focused on her looks, hence the increased boobage. I think I'm going to give her blonde hair as well, since that also meets the stereotypical ideal.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hampster, character sketch

I was informed that hampsters don't have tails. Well, maybe this one mutated. Still playing around with his look. Will probably do a few more versions of him for the writer too see what we like.

This is going to be a fun story and it will mark the first time I've worked on something that I didn't write myself.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hunter and I

Hunter and I had some quality time together at the mall. We hit up one of those photobooth things. I love teaching my child to be wierd.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I think there's something wrong with head.

Sketched while I was waiting at the hospital for my CT scan.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some fresh made comics, right out of the oven.

I am here to offer you, fine gentleman and ladies of the interweb, the deal of the year, the decade, the century. No!! Eternity. Beyond time itself. Well, ok, so maybe not THAT cool, but pretty cool.

I've got three different packages available for your purchase. These deals will run through the end of May.

TPANVB Year One package: This includes the recently released Trade Paperback for Year One (Season One and Two) of The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby and a group of 8 1/2 x 11 black and white and color prints on 80 lb semi-gloss card stock. The price for that one runs $15 for the cost of the book and prints along with shipping.

Harijan package: This includes the recently released collection of my Mini-series, Harijan, with bonus content. Also including the same group of prints. The prince for this one is $20 for the cost of the book and prints along with shipping.

I Love Nicholas P. Myers package: This includes both books with the package of prints, The price runs $30 for the entire gamut. And if you purchase any one of these wonderful packages, I will be gracious enough to throw in a hand drawn sketch into the mix.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Late night doodles at my mom's

Tonight, talking philosophy with my brother at my mom's, while I was trying to pick up my girls, my nephew started shoving papers and markers and crayons into my hand and these things popped out. One, an angry looking Chick, whom I later added small little stick figure humans to the picture and labeled it Chickzilla and the other, a floating indian head. Both were just quick sketches, no more than a couple of minutes.

My nephew thinks I've got some Mad Skillz.

I like the sketches. They're fun.

Nick M.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I give you, Rafique.

I drew Rafique at Gem City Comic Con.

I've got some cool stuff planned for this little guy. So much I want to tell you, but I think they would have to kill me then. I don't think I'd like that very much.

Anyway, I can at least tell you this: Rafique is a salamander, but not just any salamander. He is a Warrior Shaman and is fierce and brave and strong.... and small. He IS a salamander, of course.

Anymore, I can not tell you.


Edelstein-Stadt-komische Vereinbarung war eine Böe!!

or... Gem City Comic Convention was a Blast!! Yahoo! Babel Fish is such an awesome site: . Anyway, back to why I'm making this post: my experience at Gem City Comic Con. My loving wife was kind enough to come along with me and my awesome In-Laws were gracious enough to watch our kids for us this last weekend. The show was located just outside of Dayton, Ohio on the campus of Wright State University, which was a beautiful campus by the way. The show was awesome. That pretty much sums it up, but that would be like you paying to see the movie Star Wars and only seeing the little blip of the photon torpedoes going down the hole and the Death Star exploding. You would feel cheated and I'm not going to do that to you. I got to sit in a room with a group of hopeful artists and writers. No. That's wrong. They weren't hopeful. They WERE artists and writers and so am I. I digress. I got to meet and talk to some of these wonderfully talented and creative people and the amazing thing is they were all nice. No one selfishly hid their secrets. Everyone shared them with me and I am very grateful for that. Megan and I got to sit back to back with with Scott and Benita Story, the creators of Johnny Saturn. Megan was terrified that my banner was going to fall over on them at some point. They're Con veterans. If you ever get a chance, check out their website: Great stuff, both of them are writers and Scott's art is fantastic. I got to get a couple up close looks at his pages and there is some amazing detail in there. Another artist/writer that was very helpful and came over to talk to me was Eric Adams. He also had some great tips. But the best part were the fans, the walkers, the customers, etc. It was fun talking to them, watching their faces as they looked over my work and listened to my ramblings as I tried to explain my creations. There was a man who bought both of my book, because he loved indie work. There were quite a few people who bought a certain print from me because, most of them said, "This is exactly how I feel!" There was a couple who noticed my original fan art drawing from Kukuburi (Phenomenal web comic by Ramon Perez, if you ask me) and she was giddy that they were able to purchase it. There was a creator by the name of Matt, and I forget his last name at the moment, who brought in his work for me to look and critique. There was a gentleman by the name of Avery, who talked to me for at least a half an hour. Told me he had once inked for one of the big two and what a beast the industry could be. I didn't make a ton of cash. More than I thought I might. But I made up for it in experience. It was quite a ride and I am definitely getting back in line. Nick M. P.S. I'll put up some pictures from the con as well as my first Con Drawing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Conward, Ho!!!

Hi everyone,

Come on over and visit me at Gem City Comic Con on Sunday. It will be my first Con and I've got a TON of stuff for everyone. I've got the collection of my miniseries, Harijan, with bonus material. I've got Year one of The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby printed. I've got some prints, ashcans and some original pieces as well. If you're nice to me, I might even be willing to a sketch for you at the table.

You're going to want to click on this link for directions:

or just go to for all the awesome guests and activities you can see and do.

Above is the floor map of where I'll be representing ANA Comics and myself, of course. :)