Monday, January 27, 2014

365 Project, Day 127

The "Have a Nice Day" Bot

A bot design for the kids from Harijan. a vehicle for the telekinetic "Bar Code" girl..... whom I still haven't given a proper name. She rests comfortably inside the protective confines of the thick metal sphere. Since she has to mentally leave her body when moving the robot and also needs to move with the team and can't be left behind, the robot was designed as a transport and a battle tank. She can always leave the bot through a hatchway if needed.

With a flame thrower on one arm and pneumatic air missiles on it's shoulders, it's a worthy opponent to any adversary. And without the use of any modern day firepower, it eludes the detection of hunter-seekers that might be looking for those types of signatures.

And so the next story begins in my head.