Thursday, January 16, 2014

365 Project, Day 116

The Glompulite(s)

There has been much debate over whether to refer to this/these in the singular or plural sense. Each pod/bug/trasport contains at least 8 and sometimes as many as 20 podlings. The great debate is whether or not to refer to each podling as singular and, therefore, the group as plural, or if they are all part of a single organism. For the sake of this description, I'll refer to them as plural.

True, they are all attached to the large transport animal, but are they just extensions of that animal or do they have independent thought and a more symbiotic relationship?

There has never really been very thorough research on them since they are mainly located in swampy, heavily foggy and hard to access habitats. Never mind the fact that they are extremely aggressive when encountered.