Monday, January 20, 2014

365 Project, Day 120

The Come-Get-Me Tree

Or The Sketch That Almost Wasn't

The Come-Get-Me Tree does what it's name implies. It dares you to come get the delicious fruit that it lays so softly on the ground, bringing you in closer with it's powerful pheromones.  Once you get close enough, it will lash out with it's tendrils and ensnare you, pull you up and wrap you up in one of it's pods and slowly digest you.

The only way to get at the succulent fruit is to wait until the tree is digesting something already and then you can safely sneak in to grab the fruit, which fetches a hefty price because it's wonderful taste and slightly psychedelic effects and it's very dangerous way to get it.

The are are actually groves where farmers will raise livestock to sacrifice to the trees in order to get the fruit, the value is that much.