Friday, February 12, 2010

A picture that blows my mind.

A while ago, while immersed in the mind numbing data of the internet, this photo came to me. I was searching for some reference photos of the Garthim from The Dark Crystal and the artist who created this photo was named Garthim, apparently.

I am simultaneously in love with this photo and afraid of it. The story or the world that this image opens up is both terrifying and fascinating. I think that's an integral part of any artwork. It needs to play on both sides of the human experience.

I want to make this picture part of a writing workshop through and just post the picture and make the goal be to write a story behind or inspired by the photo. I have a story that has been building in this world but I don't want to put it out for fear of changing your experience on viewing the picture. Perhaps I'll post it a later date?