Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Notorious Snog, Child-Devourer

Still finding cool stuff in notepads. This one even came with notes. Here they are:

The Snog is a zombie/gollum, made from the victim of a dark arts sacrifice, that feeds off the souls of rotten children. It stores the broken bodies in a nap sack, slung over it's shoulder.

Usually, the "victim" they use to turn into the Snog is already somebody with a dark soul which makes them more susceptible to the ceremony.

It's usually performed by five dark priests. They abduct their subject and tie them down to a large stone alter meant for such sacrifices. Each limb is tied to a stone pillar and pulled tight. The dark priests will usually drug the person so they are paralized but can still feel everything.

They proceed to shave the head and use the hair to sew the eyes and mouth shut. Then they make a horizontal incision across the abdomen and pull out the organs. These are then placed on a wooden platform hung above the opening made by the incision. The heart is placed in the center and the whole pile is set on fire.

As the embers fall into the body, the dark priests perform a ritual that traps the victims soul in the embers as they fall into the body cavity, wich is now transformed to hold the heat that will animate the body once it's released. Two pieces of obsidian are heated in the fire and then bound with the skin of the Snog. The obsidian becomes the eyes and the horizontal incision becomes the mouth of the Snog.

It is then released into a village or area to collect the souls of bad children.