Monday, May 16, 2011

Murky? Frogger? Amph?

Another item found in a notebook. For some reason, more ideas come to me on lined paper than have ever come to me on sketchpads. I'm wierd that way, I guess.

Anyway, here we have ourselves a Murky, or a version of a Murky. I've done quite a few since they've been prevelant from my early childhood. Here's what I had in my notebook to accompany the art:

Frogger? Amph? Generally peace loving. Pacifist. Ghandiesque. Small in stature (No bigger than a toddler. Just added) Doesn't usually say much unless he has something important to say (I don't think it will really talk) .. shy. Does have a Mr. Hyde, Hulk side to him. Or even better. He could multiply, like Gremlins, or pop off little versions of himself.

Murky? Lives in secluded corners of the world. Swampy, marshy, boggy areas not traveled by others. Worships anything that grows, perhaps even helps it to grow. Very territorial. If someone steps on a flower or bug by accident, the murky goes crazy and attacks. Almost a split personality. On one side, very innocent, child-like in wonder. loving and peaceful. The other side is very hostile, sprouts smaller versions of itself that swarm. The basic embodiment of rage. Like Gollum and Smeagle in a sense, though not truly split. No interaction between personalities.