Thursday, August 14, 2014

My little tribute to Robin Williams

Over the years, Robin Williams gained mythic proportions in my mind. There was nothing he touched that didn't turn into gold. As I grew up and gained awareness of myself, I discovered that there were reasons I felt this kindred connection. We have both struggled mightily with mental illness and we have both tried to use our skills as entertainers to treat/share/hide/deal with it. (His career was just slightly more successful than mine.)

When I heard what happened, a part of me was crushed and broken, and still is at this point. To learn that someone who I identified so strongly with over the years was suddenly gone. Gone. And under those circumstances. That such a strong personality could just one day be gone........I felt like I was trapped under the weight of the entire ocean, with it's dark depths pressing in from all sides.... then I slowly realized something.

He wasn't gone.

He had left something behind.

One of Hunter's favorite movies was Robots and Robin Williams played the character Fender, who I drew above. Fender, like almost all of Robin Williams's characters elevated that movie. Helped it to transcend into another level.

We have his shows, movies, stand up and quotes. We have pieces of his soul that he ripped from his chest and shared with the world. His influence will continue to influence this world and make it brighter and happier because of it.