Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blast from the Past - or - How Not to Actually Organize For a Garage Sale

Here's a few non pictures I found. Some song lyrics/poem I wrote and a quote from one of my journals. I think these must have been over 15 years old because both were from before I met my wife.


Your eyes say what your lips won't
I know your heart, I feel so close
to breaking down the wall... the wall.

The night we shared, not a word was said
your heart was screaming but your head said no
Fool! God speaks to the heart,
Your soul knows all
and I know your heart
I'm breaking down the wall

A lifetime together and where are we know?
Our minds won the war, our hearts must bow.
Fool! God speaks to the heart
your soul knows all
and I know your heart.
I'm breaking down the wall.


Why do I sit here in the dark waiting for the next spark to come and light my way home?